Today In Las Vegas

We caught up with Seth Yudof the Evil Dictator of UD Factory to ask for some inside scoop on Las Vegas for our readers.

What do you find most unique about this town?

Vegas is like some wild, extreme-flavored potato chip. We pack in more entertainment, dining, and shopping per capita than anywhere else in the world. It’s sensory overload, but there’s something for everyone.

Craziest Vegas story you care to share?

I’d pay to have those photos destroyed.  I’d also pay to have her phone number again.

Where do you eat in Vegas at night?

My favorite restaurant these days is Scarpetta.  As silly as it sounds, you HAVE to try the spaghetti with tomato and basil.  Simple?  Maybe.  Incredible?  Definitely.

Best place to see the sexy people?

Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan.  People refer to it as my “second home.”  When the managers and servers all know me there by name, I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed!

What “Vegas Tradition” haven’t you done yet?

I’ve never thrown up from drinking too much.  Or been to the Grand Canyon.  At least one of those has to qualify as a tradition.

Best tip for tourists?

If you get tired of the Strip, you can hit the Hoover Dam, go boating in Lake Mead, take a Harley through Death Valley, or go skiing on Mt. Charleston in the winter.  Everyone gets dazzled by the sparkly casinos and forgets how much else there is around here.  If you can’t leave the Strip, though, hit up the Secret Pizza place at the Cosmopolitan for a great end to any late night.  I’ll probably see you there!

What show have you seen in Las Vegas stands out in your memory and why?

I’ll never forget the first time I saw “O.”  It really was a spectacle, and it set the tone for so may of these other large shows in town.  My favorite show memory is Lance Burton’s old show at the long-gone Hacienda casino.  He packed a ton in to a $19.95 show.  Boy, I miss cheap entertainment in Vegas!

Where do you see the most art in Las Vegas?

Even though they are just copies, it’s hard to ignore the phenomenally large paintings on the various ceilings of the Venetian.  Those are pretty spectacular!

Best place to be single and mingle? 

NOT at the casino bar, with the woman sitting by herself at a video poker machine.  She may expect to be paid to “talk” to you.

Hidden treasure in Las Vegas is?

The Wine Cellar at the Rio is a lot of fun and has a great atmosphere.  They have tons of different wine flights, and a great cheese selection.  It feels like a different world.

Also, the Downtown Cocktail Room, just off of Fremont Street is a great little gem of a bar.  It’s a modern-day speakeasy, complete with a door that is hard to find.

Time to plug, tell us about UD Factory:

UD Factory is the result of a diverse and eclectic group of talents and people.

From concert promotion to special effect design, creative consulting, full show production, artist management and booking, and development/operation of nightlife and dining concepts, UD Factory principals have had operations in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Laughlin, across the U.S., and around the world.  Among the Factory’s management clients is Vegas’ own Louis Prima Jr.  Also be sure to visit Sin City Theatre at Planet Hollywood, our newest venture on the Strip.