Looking In On: Fremont Country Club

The Triple B-adjacent Fremont Country Club did a little soft open last night, to put the space through the paces and get a taste of the sound system ahead of the official planned early March bow. It’s a huge venue, with a vast open area in front of the stage and a bar that spans the length of the southeast wall.

If Triple B is a study in blue, then the Country Club is its complementary cousin, with red lights tucked into antler chandeliers dominating most of the venue and red velvet curtains lining the stage and VIP area opposite the bar.

The Lucky Cheats opened up, dropping a killer take on “Shake Your Hips” along the way before Louis Prima Jr. hit the stage. Prima and his nouveau Witnesses mixed in a little Stones, James Brown and, randomly, Loggins and Messina, with their usual insanely high-energy spin on The Wildest faves like “Five Months, Two Weeks, Two Days” and “Jump, Jive an’ Wail.” Prima Jr. hinted on stage may be a mainstay at the club, and we’re told the venue will be pursuing A-list acts to fill out the roster.